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How to deal with explosions on oil drilling platforms?

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Workers on oil rigs are well aware of the inherent dangers in their job. A single mistake by any worker could trigger a catastrophic event. Unlike many professions, working on an oil rig offers minimal margin for errors or second chances. In the unfortunate event of an explosion or fire, the resulting fatalities are frequently substantial. Survivors often contend with life-altering injuries that endure indefinitely.

The primary concern for oil rig workers revolves around explosions and fires, where a mere spark meeting gas or oil can trigger an earth-shattering explosion and an unceasing fire. The continuous supply of fuel sustains the fire, making it difficult to extinguish or escape.

Among these elements, the fire poses the most significant threat to workers, particularly on offshore drilling platforms utilized for extracting natural gas and oil, which function as storage hubs for these highly flammable substances until the vessel’s return to shore.

Common causes to explosions on oil drilling platforms

Blowouts: Occurring from uncontrolled releases of oil or natural gas from a well, blowouts previously known as gushers resulted from pressure system failures. Today, equipment malfunctions can turn a blowout into a catastrophic fire after a pressure imbalance or “kick” occurs.

Equipment Failure: Despite advancements, the safety of equipment used on oil rigs remains a concern. Stricter enforcement of regulations is crucial, especially for offshore drilling, given the remote locations and delayed access to medical aid, exacerbating injuries.

Negligence: Negligence encompasses various actions like cutting corners on equipment, disregarding safety protocols, and misusing tools. Heightened awareness of the risks has become imperative after incidents like the Deepwater Horizon, emphasizing the need for stringent adherence to regulations for worker safety.

What after the explosion?

Determining liability post an oil rig accident holds significant importance as it pinpoints responsibility for your injury. However, waiting to secure legal representation isn’t advisable. Personal injury law is intricate, particularly when incidents occur at sea, intensifying the legal intricacies. There are specific time constraints for filing claims, risking the potential loss of rightful compensation.

Maritime law, a specialized legal realm, necessitates a maritime personal injury lawyer well-versed in its nuances. Injuries resulting from oil rig explosions are severe and often have enduring impacts on one’s life. Correspondingly, medical expenses tend to linger. Seize the opportunity to seek compensation for your injuries; you deserve the chance to lead a comfortable and normal life.

Learning whose fault was it?

Determining liability for an oil rig explosion attorneys extends beyond assigning blame; it’s crucial for compensating survivors with injuries and the families of deceased workers.

Pinpointing fault is intricate. Is the worker who ignited a fire by lighting a cigarette accountable, or is it the employer’s failure to enforce safety protocols? Could improper storage of flammable materials have triggered the fire and subsequent explosion? Fault determination involves multiple factors, often implicating more than one individual.

Employers often bear negligence in oil rig explosions. This negligence might stem from inadequate training provision, cutting corners in equipment procurement, or maintaining outdated safety protocols. Employers hold a paramount responsibility for ensuring rig safety, leaving no room for shortcuts given the substantial risks and potentially fatal consequences involved.

Consider hiring an attorney for you

Schechter, Shaffer & Harris, maritime attorneys have a legacy of dealing with oil rig explosion cases in the Gulf of Mexico and even vessel explosion and fire incidents worldwide for around 45 years. They’ve secured many settlements for clients and their families in cases involving injuries resulting from maritime blasts.

Out of respect for privacy, the names and hometowns of the injured individuals are being withheld pending notification of their family members. In recent years, SMSH has managed similar cases. One involved representing a young man who fell into the water from a vessel, nearly drowning in March 2008. His delayed discovery led to a persistent vegetative state.

The firm confidentially settled his case for nearly $18 million within a year of the incident, believed to be one of the largest, if not the largest single-event Jones Act recoveries in history. Their expertise includes ready access to marine medical specialists and liability experts well-versed in supporting cases against employers, particularly for injuries akin to the aforementioned incident.

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