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Patrick Lucchese and Urban Advisors: What You Need to Know

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Founded by financial expert and entrepreneur Patrick Lucchese, Urban Advisors is a business built on a simple idea. It aims to offer innovative solutions to companies everywhere, all of which are dedicated to supporting and empowering the objectives of clients.

All told, Urban Advisors offers a wide range of different services designed to meet a client’s needs and exceed their expectations. Patrick Lucchese and his team do so with passion, creativity, and connectivity – all of which are also dedicated to helping entrepreneurs from Brazil connect with the global financial markets in the most effective way possible.

The Services of Urban Advisors: An Overview

One of the primary services that Urban Advisors offers has to do with IPO advisory. They support their clients both before, during, and after the preparation of an IPO filing. They offer an end-to-end advisory solution – one that helps to coordinate the development of the business plan, assists in facilitating the planning of share offerings, helps formate the bank syndicate, helps hire specialized individuals like those in the legal, accounting and auditing professions, and much, much more.

Urban Advisors also offers access to its significant experience when it comes to mergers and acquisitions, otherwise known as M&A for short. Selling a company is always a difficult process, regardless of how large the organization in question is. There are certain types of financial transactions that must be executed by shareholders, for example. Because of all this, precise, specialized advice is needed. Patrick Lucchese and his team at Urban Advisors offers access to technical knowledge, negotiation skills, and a level of personalized care and attention-to-detail that is virtually second to none. They offer advise on all areas of the process, from preparing the company to attracting investors and beyond – all with an eye towards maximizing the value of the sale as much as possible.

Urban Advisors also has specialized experience in raising funds via debt. They offer full support in structuring debt issuance operations, along with the coordination of the process. This includes not only preparation but also negotiation with financial institutions the execution of roadshows with investors, and more. They’re beyond capable of seeing things through to completion. The most common types of securities that they issue include promissory notes, bonds, CRA and CRI certificates, and others.

Assistance is also offered in terms of raising funds via equity. Patrick Lucchese and his team always look for ideal partners based on the specific needs of their clients. Whether it is an investment fund or a strategic player in operations doesn’t actually matter – they take the time to understand who you are, what you need, and what they can do to accomplish your goals.

Finally, Patrick Lucchese and the team at Urban Advisors are capable of offering advisory services when it comes to transactions involving real estate assets. They operate in the entirety of the real estate market, offering access to professionals with experience in investment operations, divestment services, securitization, and the monetization of real estate assets.

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