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The Importance of Including Math and Science in Early Education

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Math and Science are core concepts. They help children learn about the world around them. It is extremely important to introduce children to math and science concepts from a young age. These subjects are necessary to set a strong foundation for financial literacy, numeracy, academic preparation etc. In addition to these skills, math and science knowledge also improve the child’s thinking skills, spark their imagination and curiosity and promote problem solving and healthy decision making skills.

Knowledge of math and science concepts don’t just come in handy in school, they’re also an integral part of professional development. Quality education in math and science helps expand the child’s thinking and knowledge. Little kids are visual learners and are very curious creatures. Their mind is like a sponge and absorbs all the information they’re given. Introducing them to science and math at this young age through fun activities and games helps them learn the concept faster. Their sense of wonder makes them look forward to discovering new things and learning more. This helps foster a love of the subject and makes them look forward to learning more.

Here are five different ways in which learning math and science at an early age benefits children.

5 Benefits of Introducing Math and Science at an Early Age

  1. Prepares children for school: One of the most important benefits of introducing math and science at an early age sets a foundation for learning the subjects in school. Sometimes when kids are introduced to a new topic, they struggle to understand and learn it. But learning the same concept through fun activities and games in preschool or kindergarten helps children understand the concept better when they learn it in school. For example, solving a missing numbers worksheet tests a child’s knowledge of the sequence of numbers. Or, counting candies or other manipulatives helps children learn how to count. Prior knowledge of these concepts also improves the child’s academic performance.
  2. Boosts their thinking and imagination: Little children have an unparalleled sense of wonder. Fun math and science learning activities like experiments and games appeals to their sense of wonder. It enhances their curiosity and makes them think to find solutions to problems. This improves their critical thinking and logical reasoning skills. It also helps them think out of the box to find solutions. This improves their imagination and creativity too. As they grow curious, they learn to investigate, observe, describe, predict and experiment too. This also helps them learn to gather evidence, evaluate and make sense of it to make proper decisions.
  3. Better understanding of the subject: Children are visual learners and learn better when they can see and observe things. Activities like performing experiments help children see the concepts come to life in front of them. This helps children understand the concept better. For example, solving worksheets like the butterfly life cycle worksheet helps children learn about butterflies. Activities like this help them learn about other creatures and organisms in the world around them.
  4. Applying concepts to everyday life: Learning math and science from an early age helps children learn to apply these concepts to everyday life. For example, learning math concepts like counting, adding and subtracting helps children use these concepts while shopping, cooking and other daily activities.
  5. Fosters a love of learning: An early introduction to math and science through fun activities makes learning fun and enjoyable for kids. When they’re completely engaged in the learning process, kids fall in love with learning. This also helps them look forward to learning more. This makes them more proficient in the subject and improves their performance in school.
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