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Choose the Right Kind of Maple Syrup from Different Qualities Available in the Market

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Everyone knows about maple syrup and its benefits. It helps in reducing weight and improves health issues like indigestion. This syrup is available all around the year in the market. However, its production is done only in late winter. Xylem sap is obtained from sugar, black or red maple trees which are a kind of species in maple tree. Although there are various maple species all over the world, these three produces best quality of sap.

Before winter arrives, trees start stocking starch in their trunks as well as roots. It is then converted by tree into sugar which further generates sap. The production of sap in trees happens during late winters and early springs. Holes are made in the trunk to extract spa which is then taken for processing to warehouse. In the warehouse, it is heated for a longer period of time at a set temperature, so that all water evaporates leaving behind just the concentrated syrup.

Later, they are packaged and sold in the market. There are various stores that claim to provide authentic syrup. However, some of them also add preservatives or artificial sweetener to it. Therefore, always choose from reliable store, offline or online.

Délices Erable & Cie which is a Canadian company initially started from Vancouver in 1999. Now, they’ve six total branches in Quebec. They deal not only will original maple syrup and its associated products, but also with cranberry and honey. The shops were opened by Citadelle which is Maple Syrup Producers Company. If you want to know more about their business or products you can explore their website www.deliceserableetcie.com.

Canada is renowned for maple syrup, but not all maple syrups give you beautiful flavour. Before cooking food, a chef keeps proper knowledge of all ingredients to understand which flavour will suit which dish. Similarly, in respect to maple syrup, a chef will always divide it into two categories –

  • Grade A which is dark in colour and contains higher consistency of syrup. It is produced from high quality of maple trees species.
  • Grade B is golden and lighter in shade. Although it is obtained from finest maple trees, but the sap is extracted in early winter.

Even though Canada is famous for producing good quality refined maple syrup, still the quality depends a lot in region. The weather, climate and temperature play a major role in producing sap in trunks and roots. Consumers are avoiding white sugar in grocery stores, bakeries, restaurants and at home. They are constantly looking for a substitute.

Maple is a natural and healthy substitute. It doesn’t matter, which grade of syrup you select as long as you understand its unique flavour and use it at right place.

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